SEMI E112 multi reticle pod, Part No. 21320-00
Microtome’s SEMI E112 compliant multi-reticle pods are a perfect complement for our multi-reticle cassettes. They have been tested and approved by ASML, Canon, Nikon and Ultratech and they are also perfectly compatible with ASML's own cassettes.

Reticles are restrained in the cassette by a strong retainer mechanism which is activated by the pod latches when the pod is being locked. Hence there is no sliding motion on the pod door or the edge of the reticles during retainer motion. This mechanism is much more secure than others in current use that were originally designed for use with wafers (which are much lighter than reticles).

The linerless construction makes the pod easier to clean than traditional reticle SMIF pods and compatible with spray or immersion cleaning systems. It has also been reported to us that the pod helps maintain a cleaner environment inside tools on which it is used, due to its low-particulating design.

The handle may be oriented from front to back (normal configuration, in 21320-00) or optionally from side to side (rotated configuration, in 21320-00R) which offers improved ergonomics when loading high load ports.

Side handling flanges are also available for use with any robotics that require these features. The R and F options may be combined if necessary, as shown in the photos here. Click on any small image to see a larger version.