SEMI E112 multi reticle pod, Part No. 21321-00

Reticle handling automation in semiconductor
fabs offers greater reticle security and better logistical control.

Overhead automated material handling systems (AMHS) use the SEMI E47.1 automation flange shown here to grasp the pod. Reticles can therefore be collected from the pod stocker and delivered to the litho tools under the direct control of the factory host computer, avoiding delays and human error.

Inevitably the pods must be handled by an
operator from time to time, so our E47.1 automation flange design includes a unique retracting manual handle. This can be oriented from front to back (standard configuration, in 21321-00) or optionally sideways (rotated configuration, in 21321-00R) for improved ergonomics when loading high load ports.

Side handling flanges are also available as an option to allow the pod to be handled by any robotics that require these features (in
21321-00F). The F and R options can be combined if necessary, as shown in the photographs on the right. Click on any small image to see a larger version.

For other advantages of our pod design, see the information page for 21320-00.