Six inch reticle cassette
Discontinued part No. 67920-00

67920-00 was our standard clip-on six inch
cassette which came in a variety of colours including black, red, yellow and blue. It was made for exclusive use with ASML steppers.

Although this type of cassette is still used in
some fabs, the dimensional instability of the
plastic SMIF pod door to which it is fitted
compromises reticle handling safety.  ASML no longer provides support under maintenance and service contracts for any customers who continue to use clip-on cassettes, as they are not considered to be safe. Continued use of this type of cassette can result in serious damage to reticles and to the equipment they are being used with. We have therefore discontinued it.

Any users of these cassettes are strongly advised to replace them immediately with all-metal cassettes having an integrated metal SMIF pod door. This is the only solution to the dimensional instability associated with using cassettes clipped onto plastic SMIF pod doors.

The replacement cassette, which can be used on all SMIF-compatible litho tools, is 99600-00.