Integrated five inch reticle cassette
Part No. 99500-00

99500-00 combines many of the design features from our latest SEMI Standard multi reticle cassette in a format that is suitable for use on older ASML litho systems working with five inch reticles.

The integrated cassette and metal SMIF base overcomes the dimensional instability that is found with earlier clip-on cassette designs. It is the dimensional instability of the plastic SMIF pod door which has been responsible for many reticle handler problems on ASML steppers.

It has been proven by ASML that handling reliability  is improved when using a cassette with an integrated metal SMIF base. While ASML adopted this design improvement in their own six inch reticle cassette, they did not do the same for five inch reticles.

Now we have made the improvement for you in 99500-00, and ASML have formally approved its use.

As in all the latest Microtome cassettes, all the parts that can contact the reticle are plastic, which has been field-proven to reduce reticle chipping and scratching.

99500-00 represents the very best protection for five inch reticles that money can buy.