SEMI E112 multi reticle cassette
Part No. 99600-00

Rigidity, stability and tight dimensional tolerance control are essential for reliable reticle transfer with the mechanically pre-aligned handling systems used in lithography tools.

The 99600-00 cassette meets the most stringent equipment manufacturers' requirements and has been tested and approved by ASML, Canon, Nikon and Ultratech.

All the parts that can contact the reticle are plastic, minimising reticle abrasion and the risk of damage from mechanical shocks during handling.

The reticle slots are all the same height and are larger than in other cassette designs, increasing the clearance for handling arm access and further reducing the chance of reticle abrasion during loading and unloading.

The all-metal body forms an electrostatic shield around the reticles, offering a high level of protection from field-induced reticle damage. The panels have a polished black anodized finish for maximum particle visibility under bright-light inspection.

Our attention to detail even extends to the latch slot pins, which are fixed in place with screws rather than glue. This ensures that they cannot fall out into the litho tool and cause damage.