SEMI E112 purgeable multi reticle cassette
Part No. 99600-00P

Haze is one of the biggest yield detractors in 193nm lithography, so to reduce the rate of haze formation Entegris have developed a purging system called Clarilite™. This system provides a continuous flow of purified clean dry air through the reticle storage environment.

To make this facility available to users of multi reticle cassettes, we have collaborated with Entegris to develop a purgeable version of our SEMI Standard multi reticle cassette that couples to the Clarilite™ pod purge station.

There are two options - 99600-00P2 is fitted with the purge valves to allow xCDA to be delivered to the pod, and 99600-00P3 also has a purifier cartridge fitted to the base of the cassette (as in the photo) to continuously remove airborne contaminants from the interior of the pod.

Purge facilities can also be fitted to the Canon specific cassette type 99400-00 - for details of this option please contact us. To find out more about the Entegris Clarilite™ haze prevention system please visit the Entegris website here.