New Developments
We are proud to introduce our latest product for advanced reticle protection - the SEMI E112 compliant purgeable multi reticle cassette type 99600-00P. This has been developed in conjunction with Entegris to make their Clarilite™ pod purging and purification system available to multi reticle pod users. This product  is illustrated on the right.

It has been shown that eliminating humidity from the reticle reduces 193nm haze formation and it has recently been discovered by IBM that it also reduces the 'Sun Effect' (CD degradation caused by 193nm-photon stimulated Cr migration).

We have also made ground-breaking discoveries about reticle electrostatic damage through research conducted at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. We have quantified the EFM reticle damage mechanism which we discovered in 2003 and the findings are truly alarming.

EFM is a continuously operating form of reticle electrostatic damage which can cause reticle CD to deteriorate by over 6nm per second. Reticles are so sensitive to this pernicious degradation mechanism that they can be damaged at levels of field induction >100x lower than that which causes ESD.

So, while your fab may be ESD-free your reticles may not be safe from the risk of EFM damage. This damage is probably happening in your fab right now without you even being aware of it.

If you wish to find out more about this serious risk you should speak with us. You can download papers we have published on the subject from ResearchGate and our work is reflected in the latest ITRS/IRDS.  Our e-book on reticle electrostatic protection has also been published by SPIE.

For details of our consultation services on reticle electrostatic protection, for copies of technical articles on reticle electrostatic damage or to request a technical presentation explaining reticle electrostatic damage and how to properly protect against it, please contact us.

You can find out more about the Entegris Clarilite™ system here.
99600-00P3 cassette with purge ports and purifier and 21320-00 Multi Reticle SMIF Pod
Microtome is pleased to announce that in close collaboration with Entegris, we are now offering the world's first purgeable multi-reticle SMIF pod system, which is available in two formats:

The 99600-00P2 variant of our SEMI E112 cassette has two purge valves fitted that allow the cassette to couple with the Entegris Clarilite™ XCDA delivery system for continuous pod purging during storage.

In the 99600-00P3 version, the
base of the cassette is fitted with an Entegris Clarilite™ chemical purification cartridge insert that serves to continuously remove airborne contaminants from the inside of the pod.

These specially developed components have been field-proven by Entegris to reduce the formation of haze on 193nm reticles. Now, following joint development by Microtome and Entegris these valuable features are available to multi reticle pod users.

The combination of Microtome's all metal multi reticle cassette for excellent ESD and EFM protection with the Entegris Clarilite™ XCDA purging system for reduction of 193nm haze and photon-induced Cr migration makes this one of  the most protective and cost-effective environments possible for the handling and storage of multiple advanced photomasks.

For the ultimate in single reticle handling, see the E-Pod.
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