support and repair
Microtome operates a unique support service called R&R™ (Repair & Recertify) which enhances the Value of Ownership of a Microtome product.

Through this service we undertake to repair any worn or damaged product and to return it to full operational capability, whenever this is physically possible.

This means that even quite severely damaged units (like the smashed reticle pod shown here) do not have to be scrapped or consigned to a damaged equipment store – they can be rebuilt and returned to production for significantly less than the cost of a replacement.

Under the scheme we also offer to upgrade older products to a newer  specification if such an upgrade is possible. For example, with certain older cassettes we can upgrade the supports to reduce the contact "footprint" on the reticle.

This allows all Microtome customers to
benefit from our program of continuous product improvement and to keep their inventory in optimum condition for life...

...and Microtome's definition of the life of our products is "as long as the customer has a use for it".
pod repair

Repair of a broken reticle pod under R&R™ .

Individual broken support rails and lateral restraints on some cassettes can be replaced cost-effectively.